Sunday, March 10, 2013


No really, It's true.
Here, this is why:

So much fun.

Earlier this year Hacker Brushless released the A05 motor. It's a motor that's nearly half the weight of the powerhouse A10s motor (7.5 grams vs 14.5 grams), but quite a bit more power per gram (35w/55w). For applications where weight and power is of utmost importance, the A05 is the motor for you.

On the Skyfighter in the video I was running a Hacker A05-13s motor at about 40 watts on a GWS 4530 propeller (4.5" diameter, 3.0" pitch) and an Aero-Model Silver Series 30C 2s 240Mah LiPo. It seems rather happy at 40 watts and only gets mildly warm, about 5-10 degrees F above ambient. I think you could push the motor a bit harder if you had a reason to, but for this application 40w was more than enough.

Whoa, there it is!

D'awww, look how cute it is :D

My current Skyfighter is decked out with this equipment:

Motor: Hacker A05-13s
Propeller: GWS 4530
Electronic Speed control: Hacker X-5Pro
Battery: Aero-Model 30c Silver Series 7.4v 2 Cell 240Mah LiPo
Servos: (2) JR DS188's
Receiver: Spektrum AR6310 DSMX

I'm flying the Skyfighter (and most of my other planes) on a Spektrum DX18 Radio
click here -> DX18! <- for the DX18 page on Horizon Hobby.

Here we see a few nicely built A10s Skyfighters.

Oh, right, the colors.
They come in all sorts of colors:




The Team Edition! (oooohhhh)


So, if you'd like to try a Skyfighter for yourself, feel free to pick one up from the good people at   Aero-Model.

The main Aero-model site is -> Aero-Model
The Skyfighters are located at the bottom of this page -> SKYFIGHTERS!
The motor is located at this link -> A05-13L
Ryan, what about the ESC? It's right here -> X-5Pro
You'll want some good batteries too. 
I recommend this one for my setup -> Silver Series (30C) 7.4v (2s) 240 LiPo
At this link you can find some servos ->  Hitec HS-45HB Servos

In a future post I'll detail the steps I go through to make a Skyfighter just a little bit better. 
until then, hopefully some of you decide to try a Skyfighter! They're really a fantastic flying little plane that you can take just about anywhere. They're also very durable, and even if you manage to break one, a little Medium CA and you'll be back flying in no time.


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